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Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are an extremely effective marketing strategy for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy practices for several reasons. First, when a potential patient goes online to seek services that you offer, Google Ads can steer those patients to your website, which will give them the information they need to pick up the phone and make an appointment with your office. 

Google Ads are both targeted and flexible.  Our clients target patients within a few miles of their office who are searching locally for chiropractic & physical therapy services.

EM One Consulting is able to drive a steady stream of new patients to chiropractic businesses by running highly-targeted ad campaigns. Clicking on one of these ads takes the potential patient directly to a specific website page. That page has written content, illustrations, and photos directly related to the term they searched.

We construct Google Ad campaigns that target nearby members of your community who are searching for services like yours, for example, someone searching for “chiropractors nearby.”  People researching conditions that are commonly treated at your facilities, such as “osteoarthritis pain,” will also see ads for your business. Those going online and initiating these types of searches are looking to book an appointment, eager to find someone who can provide a solution to their problem.

Our Approach

At EM One Consulting we offer an unrivaled, two-pronged approach to your online marketing needs. We create highly specific, targeted AdWords campaigns, and we design websites that support those AdWords campaigns.

Google Ad Campaign Construction:

We deliver new patients to Chiropractic and Physical Therapy offices by getting your ads in front of people who are searching for your services. By only showing ad campaigns to people within 5 miles of your business, it is likely the person doing the search is a neighbor in your community. We construct ad campaigns to maximize your exposure to these highly-qualified leads. Figure 1A, to the right, is an example of a mobile Google search for “chiropractor for back pain.” As you can see, our ad speaks directly to the user’s search intent—they have back pain and are seeking out a chiropractor. Offering content that speaks directly to the search intent (in this case back pain), allows further engagement which puts your business in a great position to convert the lead. 

Website Landing Pages Construction: Click Here

Clicking on these ads sends the searcher to your carefully designed website—a website with landing pages specifically intended to make your phone ring. Our websites have a very specific layout and design. We know where to place the content, what text needs to be provided to answer the question which prompted the search, as well as photos and graphics that relate to that content. We strategically place Call to Action buttons, making it easy to find and call the business. Our sites are responsive and mobile-optimized

Learn More About Our Conversion-Ready Websites here.

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Around 70% of searches on Google happen on Mobile devices.

Bottom & Mid Funnel Targeting

As a consumer yourself, you know that there are various levels of interest when you go online to maybe purchase a product or a service. In marketing terms, we place consumers into one of five categories, depending on where they are in their journey toward their purchase. This journey can be illustrated through a “funnel.”

The graphic below represents the “purchase funnel.” This funnel follows a person’s journey from awareness of your service, through actually booking an appointment. 

At the beginning of the purchase journey (top of the funnel), a person is generally aware of your service, in this case, “I know what chiropractors are.”

During the “discovery” stage, a person enters their first online search. Generally, “discovery” searches are research based and seek to find information—in this case, a search for “painful knee clicking causes.”  A person might be searching to discover why their knee is clicking and what it means. It is in the “discovery” stage that a person might realize they need to seek treatment for their painful knee clicking.  

In the “evaluation” stage, a person is likely researching the best treatment options, or at least attempting to get an idea of what to expect during their visit to the doctor’s office.  Searches we can expect in this stage would be “knee pain treatment” or “knee pain therapy,” for example. 

This brings the user to the final stage before the purchase, the “Intent” stage. This is when a person has decided they need your service and is looking for nearby businesses like yours. Some example searches in the “intent” stage are, “chiropractors near me,”  “knee pain doctor” and “chiropractic clinic for back pain.”

Google Ads campaigns run by EM One Consulting target people towards the bottom of the funnel. For each different search query, the ad will take the person to a page on your website that speaks directly to the intent behind the search query (e.g. knee pain, back pain, spinal stenosis, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.).






Google Map Ads

By connecting your Google Ads account with your Google My Business (Google Local Map Listing account), we’ll be able to deliver targeted ads on Google Maps within the targeted search areas designated for our campaigns.  It’s important to connect this account because we’ll also be able to display your location information within the ads themselves. Given that, at any one time, there is a finite number of intent-based searches in your area, advertising on Google Maps is critical to maximizing conversions for our clients.  Google Map searches don’t happen frequently on desktop devices, but they are a huge source of search volume on mobile devices.

Targeted Search Ads

Targeted Google Search Ads will appear above the organic search results on Google searches, as shown highlighted in green on the left. This means your ad will be the first in line—shortcutting the painful wait for SEO relevance. 

EM One Consulting makes use of all available ad extensions, meaning your ads will highlight many important facets of your business. We’ll call out unique selling propositions, list your available services, provide your phone number and Google Maps location, promote landing pages on your website as well as promote pricing or available promotions.  Each of these “extensions” to your ad allows Google to maximize the size of your ad which will lead to more clicks. Taking up more “real estate” on the page with larger ads results in better click-through rates, which means you get a chance to show your website to the person behind the search.

The Value At EM One Consulting

At EM One Consulting our secret sauce is our expertise and our transparency. 

Our ads specialist is a skilled performance marketer who trained in a corporate setting. Having managed more than $10 million dollars in spend to profitable margins, he is able to take that knowledge and apply it to small businesses who are just as sensitive to profit margins. Because EM One Consulting exists for the sole purpose of serving Chiropractors and Physical Therapy practices, we have a finely-honed process for driving this particular marketing effort.

Most campaigns run by ad agencies and freelancers don’t track campaign performance properly. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a hidden reason for this. They will often bundle website, SEO, paid marketing (Google ads), and even Facebook ads into one package. This allows for all sorts of muddled data. By making this type of information unclear, they can accomplish two things: it can appear that you are getting more traffic than what is being driven by the money you are paying to them. And they can include traffic that is a natural part of your own practice, such as current clients. What you are unable to understand from this data is how much real, new traffic is coming into your office through the dollars you are spending to advertise with Google AdWords.

Having bundled several marketing efforts together, these ad agencies and freelancers will often provide complex charts and graphs showing how much business they’re driving—but what happens more often than not is business owners will not see any increase in new patients coming into their actual practice. Or if there is an increase in business, it isn’t in proportion to the amount of money being paid to the ad agency.

We don’t hide anything from our clients at EM One Consulting. By providing trackable, easy to read data, we deliver a very clear picture of how much money our clients are spending on ads, how many people are clicking on them and going to their website, how many calls they are receiving, and what is transpiring on those calls. Since we only offer paid search marketing, that’s the only thing we track—and we can track it very well.

Call Tracking & Reporting

Our reporting utilizes keyword-level call tracking. This means that each month, you’ll receive a report itemizing the new phone numbers that called you, when they called, what they searched for when they clicked your ad, and how much you spent on each search that resulted in your ads being clicked.  This level of tracking allows us to generate an important optimization metric: “cost per new phone call.”

Monthly Performance Report

By combining information gathered from Call Rail with Google Ads, we are able to provide performance reports that truly give our clients an understanding of their marketing Return on Investment (ROI). The screenshot below represents an actual performance report from an EM One Consulting client. As you can see, we provide call details of every new call, along with the associated keyword that was clicked when the person did their search. 

Incorporating the cost of Google Ads with the number of phone calls in our report allows us to provide the “cost/phone call,” which our clients find highly valuable. As you can see below, although the ad was clicked on 132 times, the office received 18 unique, first time calls. We understand that you are interested in knowing how many potential patients your advertising drove to your office. A potential patient is not a click; it’s a phone call. We give you the real story—the story that helps you make smart decisions with your marketing dollars.

We Spend Your Ad Dollars Responsibly

Maximizing your Ad Budget
At EM One Consulting, we optimize campaigns as if your business was our own business. Just as we wouldn’t blindly seek to fill a predetermined budget amount if we were running our own chiropractic or physical therapy practice, we won’t do it to you. Most clients provide us with a maximum budget they are willing to spend. We will always seek to reach this number in order to increase your business. However, there are seasonal trends in search volume in this industry.  When there are fewer searches happening, we will do our best to capture the traffic available, but sometimes there are fewer people seeking chiropractic care than you have dollars allocated. In these cases, we do not blindly spend on ineffective marketing.

No Locking-in Contracts
At EM One Consulting, we stand by our ability to perform the job for which you hired us. We do not require an on-going contract. We do not lock you in. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can cancel your agreement with us. No fees. No headaches.  We take pride in our reputation and have built our business on referrals. Although we don’t require it, we do ask that every client partake in a case study, so we can further showcase our proven turnkey advertising solution and help chiropractors nationwide to never waste money on advertising again.

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