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Modern and Professional Websites Built for Chiropractors

Our proven and customized website templates will provide your practice with a modern and clean design. Our optimized and mobile friendly websites allow your clients, and potential clients, to browse your site at ease and get the information they need fast.

Get a website that will truly feel like you. Say good-bye to the one-size-fits-all “cookie-cutter” websites. Your practice is unique and your website should be as well. 

Our Approach

EM One Consulting has created a website template that’s been specially designed for Chiropractic & Physical Therapy offices. This template can be applied for any practice we work with and will have a strikingly similar look for each client. The color themes and photos are what will differentiate them from each other – however, consistency among websites is important as that’s how we are able to deliver consistent results for our clients.

The main goal of your business website should be to drive new patients into your office – plain and simple.  Delivering on that goal, however, is much more complex.

What makes a website “high quality”? Scroll below to find out.

User Experience

User Experience is one of the most important aspects to your website.  We’ve meticulously developed an ideal web template for chiropractors that delivers an excellent user experience.  This involves thinking about every detail on the website and how a prospective patient will navigate through the information they see.

Our website provides a stellar experience both on desktop and mobile devices.  We feature the business phone number prominently on the top menu bar. No matter where a user navigates through your website – your phone number will be readily accessible.  The menu bar is attractive and works without a hitch.  Pages have a clear structure and the website is easy and intuitive to navigate. Clients will get the information they need fast.


EM One Consulting provides a website content form which will walk you through building the content on your site. Our form provides coaching and real examples of high-quality content from some of our top clients which will make it much easier for you.

As prospective patients read their way through your website, they’ll have a full understanding of what your office is all about. They’ll be familiar with your office and your staff, and they’ll even have an opportunity to get to know the doctor. As they read through this information they’ll see a handful of calls to action – prompting them to call the office or interact with your business in other valuable ways.

Not the best writer? Don’t have the time? We offer an on-staff writer that can help you fill in the blanks or take care of the whole thing for you.

Call To Action

Call to Action buttons can be found throughout the website. These buttons, {Call Now! 555-555-5555} can be “tapped-to-call” on mobile devices. Users on desktop who cannot click on “call now” buttons will see the phone number so they can easily call from a landline or otherwise.

Call to Action buttons can also help users navigate your site. These buttons can highlight important parts of your website like, “Location” or “View Services”.


Many websites that EM One Consulting encounters on the web might do a decent job on one or some of the previously mentioned aspects of a website – but one of the most neglected yet important features of your site is its speed.

A slow website can not only kill conversions due to users “bouncing” from your page before it loads – it will cause Google to assign a low-quality score to your landing pages.  Google also specifically assigns “mobile speed score” and will score your site on mobile-friendliness – meaning the site is easy to navigate on mobile.

EM One Consulting utilizes best in class web hosting and plugins that lead to load times around 3 seconds or less.  We don’t use excessive plugins and fancy features which end up slowing down the site.  A lightning fast load time will ensure that every user who clicks on your ads will have a chance to convert and you’ll also receive a discount on the cost per click through high quality scores.

Most Common Questions

That’s right – no contracts. At EM One Consulting, our clients always come first. That’s why we work on a month-to-month basis and are available to you via phone, text and email 7 days a week.

The short answer is – we don’t need to. EM One Consulting delivers custom built websites optimized for search engine results. We also offer Google Ads services to find you new patients right away, rather than waiting for them to find you.

Other agencies build cookie-cutter websites and charge you a monthly bundled fee for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media ads, and other “marketing” you don’t really need. 

Since you’re here, the answer is most likely yes. At EM One Consulting, we’re a small business – just like you. We know it can be difficult to cut your losses and move on, but a website by EM One will be the last one you’ll ever need.

We don’t just tweak your existing website. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig, after all. A clean slate makes for a bright future.

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